Welcome to Versatile Ventures!

While trying to figure out the next step in life, after graduating from college, I find myself experimenting with crafts and recipes. I am constantly trying to forward the myriad of ideas and recipes to my friends and family – clogging their in-boxes and resulting in a disorganized method of finding the crafts/recipes quickly.

“Well,” methinks, “what is a more efficient and organized way of relaying my experiments?”

Answer: I enjoy following other people’s blogs about food and crafts, why not have one myself? A blog is the perfect vessel for sharing my craft and food ventures with friends.

Now for a name… after consulting my dictionary/thesaurus for words reflecting my current status in life, discovering half of the blog names I liked were already taken, I stumbled across the word vicissitudes (unpredictable changes in life). I attempted to find other v-words to fit with vicissitudes, for alliteration, but everything sounded too complicated (like vicissitudous vignettes = unpredictable accounts/episodes or vicissitudeous ventures = unpredictable accounts of adventures). Basically, vicissitudes was the wrong word; but, I was already in “v” mood and continued to peruse the v’s in my dictionary/thesaurus. What is a another word for multiple? Various, which lead to versatile. What about a word for experiments/undertakings/adventures? Ventures.

As the Fairy Godmother in Disney’s Cinderella says, “Put them together and what do you got?” I “got” have Versatile Ventures.

Nothing fancy, this blog is merely documenting simple various experiments. I am always open for suggestions/improvements, as this is a side hobby and I am by no means a professional when it comes to crafts/food or photos.

I hope your day is going well!