Christmas Pumpkins, Carolers, and more…

by Marsie

Garland, lights, ribbon, a manger, and ornaments adorn the apartment I share with my two roommates. The living room is an eclectic vision of Christmas, displaying what we scavenged from our parent’s homes and crafted in spurts of procrastination.

The first craft was saving the autumn decorations which could transition into Christmas decorations. The orange placemats, leaves, acorns, and autumns flowers did not make the cut. The pumpkins and gourds were on the same path until I decided to give them a makeover. Now they sparkle, literally with glitter, in the Christmas lights hanging about the living room.

The second craft is credited to one of my roommates. I came home to discover how she reused our collection of cardboard paper tubes (we have been meaning to recycle them for months) to create carolers. She found the craft somewhere online and I do not know who to give the proper credit.

The following day I joined her in adding to the choir. Besides the cardboard tubes, this creation only requires a cut-up sock (a baby sock works well), cut-up sheet music, construction paper and markers, and/or paint. The ones pictured are the handiwork of my roommate Aysha, as we have not finished the caps on the other carolers since we ran out of sacrificial socks. The total number of carolers finished and unfinished currently stands at eighteen. Every time I turn away, they seem to multiply.

The third craft is nothing fancy (though are any of my crafts fancy?). I merely covered up our brown tissue box with construction paper and ribbon in an attempt to assimilate the box with the rest of the tacky Christmas theme.

Extra… as I was painting a gourd green, it started to look like a giant cucumber. Next thing I know, I am painting Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales.