Chocolate-Peanut-Butter Acorns!

by Marsie

After trying these at my friend Heidi’s birthday, I simply could not resist making these! The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is always heavenly. The only change I made from Heidi’s version is replacing the milk chocolate kisses with the dark chocolate version. (I still wonder why milk chocolate exists – dark is far superior).

Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns

  • Nutter Butter Bites
  • Peanut Butter chips
  • Hershey’s Special Dark Kisses
  • Peanut Butter

Anyways, there really is no recipe. Simply split apart the nutter butter bites and arrange the ingredients as seen in the photo. The peanut butter functions as the glue for all the parts. The only difficult part is completing the acorns and not eating all the ingredients first!

Mmmm, peanut butter! 🙂