Pressing Matters (Leaf Matter).

by Marsie

The colors of autumn make the transition from summer to winter a more enjoyable experience. The colors of the changing leaves, the sound of the crunching leaves, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, all compile to a love for autumn leaves.

Though many of the leaves have fallen, I thought I would share this easy craft idea for those desiring to bring indoors the beauty of autumn’s leaves. Perhaps a quick addition for one’s Thanksgiving decorations.

An easy craft, requiring only a few items, resulting in a few authentic autumn decorations (beating out the plastic window clings).

Wax-Paper Pressed Leaves

  • collected leaves
  • wax paper
  • iron
  • iron-safe surface

In dry weather, simply collect fallen leaves.

Lay one sheet of wax paper down (waxy side facing up). Place leaves on wax paper in an array of designs/patterns, etc.

Sandwich the leaves by placing on another sheet of wax paper (waxy side facing down).

Iron the wax paper at a low temperature until the two wax paper seal together.

Hang on window so the natural light may highlight the vein intricacies of the leaves.