Mmm…frothy…cafe con leche!

by Marsie

For coffee lovers who like a little leche with their cafe, a milk frother wand is a wonderful invention! My little aerolatte mooo froths milk beautifully, transforming my cup of coffee into a more sophisticated coffee with texture. A dash of pumpkin pie spice, and my coffee becomes an autumn experience, perfect way to end the month of October.

To use a frother wand:

Fill a mug one quarter to a third full with heated milk. Do not boil the milk, it will not froth as well.

Insert the frother’s whisk into the milk, close to the bottom of the mug.

Switch on the wand for 15-20 seconds, slowly moving the whisk in a circular direction around the other edges of the mug. As the milk transforms into foam, raise the whisk upwards. Always keep the the whisk just below the froth. Tada! A cup of frothed milk!